Welcome to Fountain Cafe in Port Townsend

Fountain Cafe 360-385-1364
920 Washington St., Port Townsend
Lunch 11:00am–3pm Dinner 5pm–9pm
Lunch 11:00am–3pm Dinner 5pm–9:30pm

Nicholas Yates, experienced restauranteur and owner of the Fountain Cafe in Port Townsend, welcomes you and your party to experience fine food in a quiet cafe.

Fountain Cafe is a casual and intimate cafe in downtown Port Townsend. Only a block off Water Street, this popular eatery is located in the entertainment zone around Haller Fountain, a historic landmark famous for its statuesque, nude maiden and her attending sprites.

The cafe located in the Mary Webster Building invites you to drop on a whim for a quirky lunch and call ahead for reservations to gather with friends for delightful dinners. Fountain Cafe is a friendly place, where you will feel at home, as if you were dining with family and friends around your own basement bar.

You may be served by Nick, the owner of Fountain Cafe, for by one of his friendly waiters and waitresses who want your dining experience to be one you will cherish and share with friends.


  1. Anonymous12/21/2015

    We had an experience at the Fountain Cafe which we will share with friends! We were greeted, seated, and given water and menus and silverware. The end....We watched as people left
    and their seats were filled and their orders were quickly taken. The "friendly" waiters made no eye
    contact until we left. Then they smiled as we walked out the door. My family was visiting. My
    husband and I have dined in many places in
    PortTownsend and were excited to share the
    area. We were perplexed. They were inappropriate and unkind. So, while we will share
    this dining experience with our friends, I doubt
    we will cherish the memory.

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  3. You have a very nice blog. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  4. Anonymous7/16/2016

    I have a question vs. a comment. Are the chicken, beef, lamb and other land animals you use on your menu, humanely raised?

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