Haller Fountain

The historic Haller Statue, just down the street from the Fountain Cafe, is a treasured landmark in Port Townsend. The historical work of art has an interesting history. Originally it was designed and sculpted for the Mexican exhibit at the 1893 Chicago Exhibition. After its showing at the Chicago Exhibition it was ordered from a catalog in 1905 and shipped to Port Townsend by Theodore N. Haller. Later the philanthropist donated the "goddess statue" to the city of Port Townsend "in memory of early pioneers." The feminine figure appears au natural and stirred up occasional controversy, particularly among the proper women in the uptown homes above the Haller fountain. Likewise the two cherubs riding dolphins at the goddess's feet seem to have lost their swimming suits. The parklike setting surrounding the fountain is conducive to quiet contemplation, a casual picnic or a bench from which to watch the passersby.

920 Washington Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Sunday – Thursday
Lunch 11:00am –  3pm
Dinner 5pm – 9pm

Friday – Saturday
Lunch 11:00am – 3pm
Dinner 5pm – 9:30pm


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