About Fountain Cafe

Fountain Cafe in downtown Port Townsend is a casual and intimate cafe known for its excellent lunches and dinners enjoyed in a cozy setting one block from the hustle and bustle of Water Street. This popular eatery is located in the entertainment zone around Haller Fountain, a historic landmark famous for its statuesque, nude maiden and her attending sprites.

The cafe located in the Mary Webster Building invites you to drop on a whim for a quirky lunch and call ahead for reservations to gather with friends for delightful dinners. Fountain Cafe is a friendly place, where you will feel at home, as if you were dining with family and friends around your own basement bar.

You may be served by Nick, the owner of Fountain Cafe, for by one of his friendly waiters and waitresses who want your dining experience to be one you will cherish and share with friends.

How To Find Fountain Cafe

Fountain Cafe is located on Washington Street in an entertaining neighborhood surrounding the Haller Statue and Fountain at the base of the Taylor Street stairs one block from Water Street. The Rose Theatre is just around the corner on Tyler Street. Nearby are an antique mall, the Wandering Wardrobe clothing store, bookstore, Bergstrom's vintage autos and an eclectic selection of other restaurants.

Mary Webster Historical Building

Fountain Cafe is located in the Mary Webster historical building at 920 Washington Street, just a few steps up from Haller Fountain and a short walk from Water Street. Mary Webster building is dated 1889 atop the street facade. Its mint green color is distinctive among the nearby buildings. Its front door is recessed in a small alcove above three steps accessed from the slopping sidewalk, which leads down to the nearby Haller Fountain. The simple green building is to Port Townsend's Victorian homes as a Quaker gathering place is to a church cathedral. Without the lavish filigree of the uptown homes, the simple lines of the Mary Webster building reflects the simpler life of the downtown architecture.

Haller Statue and Fountain

The historic Haller Statue, just down the street from the Fountain Cafe, is a treasured landmark in Port Townsend. The historical work of art has an interesting history. Originally it was designed and sculpted for the Mexican exhibit at the 1893 Chicago Exhibition. After its showing at the Chicago Exhibition it was ordered from a catalog in 1905 and shipped to Port Townsend by Theodore N. Haller. Later the philanthropist donated the "goddess statue" to the city of Port Townsend "in memory of early pioneers." The feminine figure appears au natural and stirred up occasional controversy, particularly among the proper women in the uptown homes above the Haller fountain. Likewise the two cherubs riding dolphins at the goddess's feet seem to have lost their swimming suits. The parklike setting surrounding the fountain is conducive to quiet contemplation, a casual picnic or a bench from which to watch the passersby.

Fountain Cafe 360-385-1364
920 Washington St., Port Townsend, WA 98368
Sun-Thurs Lunch 11:00am –  3pm and Dinner 5pm to 9pm
Fri - Sat Lunch 11:00am – 3pm and Dinner 5pm – 9:30pm


  1. Hey there! The article I did on PT is up and, as promised, I wrote about your fabulous restaurant! Cheers! -Hollin

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  3. Anonymous5/22/2017

    My original comment was deleted here, so re-posting again. And I will continue to do so until I am able to contact management and get this issue resolved.

    The most racist service I have ever experienced in my life. I went in here with my husband and 3 members of my Indian American family. My mom asked for turkey to be added to her sandwich - it arrived with no turkey. After trying unsuccessfully to get the attention of the waiter, I walked up to the bar to let him know about the missing turkey and ask if a new sandwich could be made for my mom or if just some turkey could be sent out. He immediately said one of the dumbest, and most offensive things I have ever heard: instead of taking responsibility for his mistake and trying to fix it, he put the blame on my mom and said "There was a language barrier." I had to tell this bigot that my mother has been speaking - and teaching English - longer than he's been alive, and that any "barrier" was his alone. There was zero language or even accent barrier - he made a mistake and instead of owning up to it decided to blame US for being brown. I hope anyone with a conscience will not go to this restaurant until this idiot is fired. I will be calling to speak to a manager tomorrow to demand this happen.

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  5. Cozy, friendly atmosphere with great food and a large selection of wine to choose from. A must-go when in Port Townsend!

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